Fixed Income & FX Leader Summit APAC 2019

17 - 19 September, 2019

The Westin, Singapore

65 6722 9455

Pankaj Nagrath, MD & Head, UHNW Advisory, Fixed Income & FX at Bank of Singapore

Pankaj Nagrath

MD & Head, UHNW Advisory, Fixed Income & FX
Bank of Singapore

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Pankaj .

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Day 1 - Wednesday 18th September 2019

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

4:40 PM All Star Panel: With increased political instability and the move away from aggressive QE, how can you use both active and passive investment strategies to enhance returns?

Will 2020 bring more stability, or more uncertainty? There are plenty of hurdles ahead: tighter monetary policy, political change, end of QE and technological disruption, not to mention huge environmental and social challenges. So how should investors react? In this panel, you will hear from our panel of expert speakers on how to best do asset allocation within the fixed income space to generate returns for your investors in an increasingly complex environment:
-          Why have active managers predominantly underperformed in the past and what are the indicators that this trend is set to reverse?
-          With the rise of passive investing and the return of market volatility, how are ETFs and passive strategies changing bond market liquidity and structure of the fixed income markets?
-          Are current market conditions providing a fertile backdrop for active managers to demonstrate their true value or do passive managers still offer the best source of returns?
-          Is the period of outperformance of passive funds vs. active funds set to be reversed with more opportunities arising for active managers around rising rates?
-          With increased market volatility, do passive managers present too much risk should they react to the same event?

5:45 PM Oxford Style Debate: True or False - Cryptocurrencies will become part of mainstream institutional FX portfolios within 5 years

-          Assessing the uptake of cryptocurrencies in FX - Should buy-side FX traders incorporate them into their workflow and investment portfolio?
-          What does the regulatory landscape look like and where is it heading?
-          What are cryptocurrencies and how do they work? Should you take them seriously and are they secure?
-          Which market participants are testing the potential of cryptocurrencies?
-          Will there continue to be flash crashes?
-          What role do cryptocurrencies play in emerging markets?
-          How can we expect cryptocurrencies to develop in the near future?

Day 2 - Thursday, September 19th 2019

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

9:20 AM Keynote Panel: Entering into a challenging and uncertain climate - In times of structural transformations, how can you best position your investment portfolio and how will investment strategies need to be adjusted?

Fixed income markets have undergone significant structural change since the 2008 financial crisis. These seismic shifts are forcing investors to adapt to a new market paradigm that will challenge not only how they trade fixed income, but what types of products they use to build bond portfolios and manage risk.
In this Session, our speakers will examine the evolution of the bond market through three interconnected lenses: the liquidity environment, market structure and product preferences. All three are changing in the post-crisis era with implications for the shape of the future bond market and investors.
-          How can you invest in the current market conditions and what are the risks and trading opportunities in times of structural transformations?
-          Is the current market volatility conducive for investors to take a lot of risks?
-          What do all these mean for the broad dollar trend and will dollar appreciation continue?
-          With rate hikes affecting bond portfolios negatively, how can you better safe guard your portfolios and returns?
-          Has quantitative easing ruined the investor landscape and will there be a further tightening of monetary policy by central banks?

12:10 PM 360°Perspective: Disruptive technologies - What are the next big breakthroughs you should expect from the FINTECH world and how can they help to inject liquidity into the world of fixed-income and FX?

-          Can FINTECH help “backward” bond market catch up?
-          How has Fintech’s reach into bond markets enabled more transparency and efficiency?
-          Enabling price transparency – How can FINTECH induce deal flow, foster new relationships and create more transparency around price.
-          What is happening in AI, robotics, peer-to-peer platforms and cloud technology and how will these impact investments and trading in the next 5 years?
-          Processing enormous amount of market data in a low latency environment – How can technology solve this for you?